Annie Oakley’s Boom Days

Annie Oakley Boom Days Pinehurst

Annie Oakley’s Boom Days

Returns October 8th, 2016

Come to the Pinehurst Harness Track and Fair Barn to enjoy a full day of entertainment with the harvest market, Falcons, Dogs, Horses, and Cowboy Mounted Shooters.

Celebrating Annie Oakley’s life in Pinehurst from 1915 – 1922 with “The Sporting Life” Festival

Why Annie Oakley? Annie’s story: Born in 1860 as Phoebe Ann Mosey, she adopted the stage name Annie Oakley after she met and married sharpshooter Frank Butler. In her youth, she supported her family by shooting and selling game to restaurants, hotels and grocers in and around her hometown of Greenville, Ohio.

Annie Oakley gained worldwide acclaim in the late 1800’s as a sharp shooter in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows held across the United States and in Europe. Oakley and Butler retired from the rigors of traveling with the show and spent their winters at one of the most beautiful locations in the south; Pinehurst, North Carolina. It was here, at one of America’s premier sporting resorts of the 1900′s, where the mild winters allowed them to continue to put on sharp shooting exhibitions for the winter residents and visitors, while indulging their love for shooting on a daily basis.

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What is most unique about

Annie Oakley’s Boom Days?

All the entertainment offerings were part of the sporting life in Pinehurst during the 1900’s and are still available today. And the people providing the entertainment and exhibitions are all local to North Carolina.

Memorabilia, Art & Exhibitors  including gun displays, knife engraving, western and wildlife art, apparel, antiques, associations, sporting facilities and Annie Oakley Memorabilia. The exposition will feature a historic photo perspective and memorabilia from Annie Oakley and the original Pinehurst Gun Club: all elements are courtesy of private collectors, historical society and the Tufts archives and more.

Live activity demonstrations all day Blacksmith Glass Bead making Saddle Maker Silversmith jeweler Pottery throwing

Kids Activities Pony Rides, NC Department of Wildlife air rifle range Stick Horse Racing and more

Animal Demonstrations: Falconer Exhibition, Mexican Dancing Horses, Moore County Hounds Hunt Club, Moore County Driving Club Antique Horse Carriage Exhibition and more

Shooting Demonstrations: Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Harvest Market: Local farmers providing the best of the fall harvest including pumpkins, fall vegetables, corn stalks, mums, local and organic meats and more.